If you’re looking for the best email encryption service – take your pick. ProtonMail and Proofpoint are just a few examples of highly-reliable email encryption services for businesses. Although slightly limited in functionality, you could find some great free email encryption services that will get the job done without spending a dime! 

For marketing and sales teams that deal with hundreds or thousands of emails daily, it’s crucial to add encryption software for emails to their tool stack. Not only will you and your customers rest assured that all communication is secure, but you will also build up your brand reputation as a reliable and safe business. 

Encryption services for email may differ in terms of the exact security they provide, so it’s important to do some research first. For instance, a small B2C startup and an enterprise healthcare business will most definitely need different solutions to satisfy their business needs.  

The major email service providers such as Gmail and Apple have recently integrated native email encryption services free of charge into their platforms, showing a clear sign that privacy and security are imperative in our modern world.