Having your cold emails land in the spam folder is painful. This means you’re simply burning through your prospect list unlikely to get any results. However, the long-term consequences of this may be much worse. This includes getting blacklisted for mass mailing spam.

A blacklist is a dedicated list, a catalog of domains and IP addresses that are known for sending harmful or unsolicited mass emails. There are a few of such lists on the web, you can look them up and check if you’re on any of them from time to time.

So ​​how to avoid sending spam (and as a result getting blacklisted)?

First of all, make sure to keep an eye on spam rating. Also known as spam score or email server spam test, it’s a test that allows you to know in advance how likely your emails are to be considered harmful or unwanted. 

Secondly, steer clear of the words that may trigger the safety measures. There’s no official spam phrase list, but you can find plenty of information about those words online.

All in all, there are many mass email best practices that can help you keep your domain safe, from ensuring proper email authentication and cleaning your list to using an email warm-up tool.