Knowing your email server reputation is crucial to your campaign’s overall deliverability and success. It allows businesses to stay proactive in taking the necessary steps to maintain, maximize, and restore their deliverability rates to ensure their emails reach their intended recipients’ inboxes. 

You can use domain reputation tools like Mail Toaster to check the email address reputation of your business in a few simple steps. These tools will usually conduct their mail server reputation tests by asking you to send an email to a dedicated address, to then analyze it across various parameters, including your IP and domain reputations. SMTP reputation checks are an integral part of this assessment as well.  

It is important to conduct regular email reputation checks to maintain a healthy sender reputation to ensure all the hard work put into your email campaigns pays off, and safely scale your cold outreach with peace of mind.  

What is email server reputation?

In simple terms, your email reputation is a measure of trustworthiness and reliability assigned to your email server. Internet Service Providers create this score by taking into account your overall email track record history to determine whether your email campaigns are safe and qualified to be delivered to their intended recipients. 

While targeted lists and spam-free email copy are critical for successful cold outreach, they do not guarantee the deliverability of your emails. The bitter truth is, no matter how flawless you create your email campaigns to be, all that effort will be for nothing if you have a weak sender reputation as the emails will never reach your recipients in the first place. 

The main factors harming your email reputation are spam complaints, unsubscribe requests, and a mass volume of emails sent without proper warm-up. This is where dedicated email warm-up tools like Mail Toaster come into play by either building your email reputation from the ground up or maintaining and restoring the reputation of an existing address.